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Living with Hemorrhoids
You can find all the necessary information to understand Hemorrhoids, its global impact, its causes and consequences, and how to get Hemorrhoids under control.

Get rid of hemorrhoids

A 3-tips guide


Consult your doctor

Ask your doctor questions to recognize typical Hemorrhoids symptoms

Practice these advise lifestyle modifications

Increase fiber intake

Increase oral fluids

Practice a physical activy

Practice good anal hygiene

Avoid the consumption of fat

Avoid straining or reading on the toilet

Avoid heavy weight lifting

Avoid medication that causes constipation or diarrhea

Overall lifestyle modifications can help prevent the excess pressure that causes hemorrhoids. Try incorporating some of the following advice into your daily routine to help protect against piles and their recurrence.


Discuss your symptoms and possible treatments with a doctor

Hygiene rules
Venoactive drugs
Non surgical procedures
Surgical procedures
Only the doctor can advise you regarding your diagnosis and treatment.